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Dating: Do you like a challenge?

6:21 am Jul. 31, 2014

When you meet someone and the chase starts, pursuing them becomes a game. Some people are into that and enjoy the pursuit. They like the challenge of those who play hard to get. Do you enjoy a little challenge? I can agree that it leads to stronger attraction but how long should the chase last?

My friend Gary likes high maintenance women so he loves a challenge.

Dating: When do you give gifts?

5:58 am Jul. 30, 2014

My friend Paul is apprehensive about giving women gifts. He has only been seeing someone a few months. She has a birthday coming up but he believes giving gifts too early is a mistake. In the past, giving gifts backfired on him. He thinks that it conveys a message that you’re trying to buy affection.

I have noticed that men don’t pursue women through gifts and

Does it matter who proposes?

6:50 am Jul. 29, 2014

There is a photo that keeps popping up on social media that generated a little buzz. The image shows a young African American lady bending down in front of her man with a ring… proposing in front of a lot of people. The guy seems shocked and somewhat pleased. I wondered if he said yes, and if so, was he truly ready for this huge step in

Would you date someone like you?

6:00 am Jul. 28, 2014

I read somewhere that we are often drawn to people who remind us of ourselves.  On some level, We think that we are most comfortable with people who are very similar to us.  Would you

When dates go bad, who’s to blame?

6:49 am Jul. 24, 2014

I recently had a young lady complain to me about a string of awful dates she had had to endure. When I asked her a few follow up questions, it became apparent that she was part of the reason why her dates were so dreadful. She was the type of woman who sits back and waits to be entertained and dazzled. That would work fine if the

You can tell you’re in love when…

5:59 am Jul. 23, 2014

The other day I heard a couple being teased because they had fallen so hard for one another. It was kind of sweet because the man was getting called out for doing things he had never done for any woman. Things like walk her little puppy despite his disdain for little dogs. They said it must be love!

When you are in love you act differently and

Breaking up will cost you

5:58 am Jul. 22, 2014

Being in a relationship can be more expensive then being single. Breaking up a relationship can also cost you, especially if they sue you for dating alimony! That’s right. It’s a thing. Dating. Alimony.


Are they marriage material?

5:00 am Jul. 21, 2014

I have heard some men state that part of dating is determining if a woman is marriage material. The men who want a wife seem to know if the women they meet exhibit qualities a wife should have. Generally speaking, I think women also view romantic prospects through a husband-father prism.

So how would you determine if someone is marriage material? I’ve heard one man say

Falling for your booty caller

7:23 am Jul. 18, 2014

In the book of dating commandments, thou shall not fall for your booty call/caller has to be the one broken the most. You know, it is very easy to start out a friends with benefits situation then convince ourselves it’s something more. A booty call is not a relationship that is complicated, we just pivot to this idea because emotions get involved.

What do you do when you start

Are you just the placeholder?

6:13 am Jul. 17, 2014

Call me old school, but I am used to knowing whether or not the man I spend time with has good intentions. It’s not enough to talk a good game and kick me slick