What does money have to do with love?

There seems to be some unspoken rule about not bringing up the topic of money in dating. Women are often told not to look like a gold digger by being too concerned about wealth and security. I wonder if that is why so many couples get in a relationship and are shocked to see how different their views are on money, spending, and assets.

What does money have to do with love? Well, if love is based in reality and not fantasy, both are a part of the real world. We have to deal with it and I would think the sooner you do, the better off your relationship can be. Waiting too late to talk about money adds another relationship hurdle that must be crossed.

I was on Twitter last night and some people were reacting to Kandi Burress and her fiancé Todd Tucker negotiating a prenuptial agreement. It was interesting to see some folks understanding her side but others thought that he was right to be self-preserving. I only wondered what was considered fair. If you don’t want to share some of your assets with your mate, does that make you selfish? Should you marry someone without a prenuptial agreement?

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