Lower your standards

I was listening to some radio show last week and they talked about what some people should do in order to get married. Women who had hopes to get married were advised to lower their standards. Some single women have mental checklists of traits they want in a man. Obviously that can become problematic.

I know many single people could use a dose of reality when it comes to standards. I just don’t think lowering standards is the way to get to marital happiness. I rarely hear people tell men to lower their standards. Is this because men are more realistic?


I have heard guys tout some pretty outrageous physical standards they like to think they demand in a woman. It is interesting to see who they end up with as a mate. They often don’t resemble those standards but the men are happy and attracted to their partners.

What is the difference between lowering your standards and adjusting your checklist. How do you know if you just got desperate?

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