Dating: Misrepresenting

You know the saying, “Overstating one’s attributes diminishes your credibility” is a common issue in dating. It is rampant in online dating but there are many people who misrepresent who they are in person as well. I expect people to put their best foot forward. This is normal. It is when you presented a completely false image that is problematic! What is the point of pretending to be someone you’re not?

I have met men who embellished everything from their wealth to the size of their package. The amount of lies some people perpetuate to land a phone number, get laid, or even get a date is sad. Eventually the truth comes out, and then what?

Have you ever met someone who overstated their attributes? Do you sense right away when this is happening?

Why is it so hard for single people to present their authentic self to each other on dates?

What do you do to stay true to who you are when your first meet someone? How do you show them who you really are with no pretense?

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