Social media temptation

Is social media making it harder to hold on to a relationship because of all the temptation? One of our blog readers has a girlfriend who has been known to flirt. While she has stopped checking out other guys when he is around, her online flirting has increased a lot. She thinks that it is harmless and says he shouldn’t take comments seriously.

When you are exclusive and you share this fact with people, shouldn’t your behavior reflect the fact that you are in a relationship? I know a lot of people who are in relationships but you can never tell by their online presence. It doesn’t mean they are cheating or are tempted to cheat. They just don’t broadcast their status to the world.

I think it is a little like wearing a wedding band. You can wear one to deter others from coming on to you. The way you respond shows how committed you are, not the wedding band. What do you think?

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