Keep nip and tuck secret?

A friend of mine just found out that his girlfriend had plastic surgery before they met. Since she didn’t tell him that her breasts were implants, he is worried that other body parts had some nip and tuck as well. Would it bother you if someone you were dating had multiple procedures done? Do you think that you are obligated to disclose whether or not you had work done?

I don’t know if full disclosure is necessary in a dating relationship. I believe there are some things that should be told only after some time has gone by. We can be pretty judgmental with the people we date so keeping a little info about your old nose or breast size seems harmless to me.

In this particular situation, my friend found a picture of her and saw the major difference in her body. He thinks she intentionally hid this and now questions her credibility. Is it his business what she did or looked like before they dated? Would you want to know about cosmetic surgery someone had before you dated? What difference does it make?

Happy Friday!

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