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He wants to wait?

6:05 am Jun. 30, 2014

One of our readers thinks the 32 year old that she is seeing is being a gentleman. He wants to wait before they have sex. She believed this was because of his religious

Performance anxiety

6:48 am Jun. 26, 2014

In any romantic relationship, there could be challenges to intimacy and sexual performance. It is something a couple and work through together, but you have to talk about it. A reader wants to know how men would want their partner to handle when they have a malfunction. Her man clams up and doesn’t talk about it. What can she do?

Obviously those “Houston, we have a problem” moments

Looks or personality

6:56 am Jun. 25, 2014

Single people can be shallow, no surprise there. We say that looks aren’t everything but they obviously matter – a lot. So what happens when you meet two people and they both seem to be a good match? Could the looks be the deciding factor? Should you pick who you are most attracted to?

The interesting thing about attraction and chemistry is that it doesn’t always have logic and

You’re in love, they’re in like

6:34 am Jun. 24, 2014

Have you ever fallen for someone so fast and so intense, that you don’t yet have the feeling reciprocated? It is the worst feeling! You can’t even get mad at them for not feeling

What does money have to do with love?

6:05 am Jun. 23, 2014

There seems to be some unspoken rule about not bringing up the topic of money in dating. Women are often told not to look like a gold digger by being too concerned about wealth and

If you do the asking, should you pay?

6:53 am Jun. 20, 2014

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My friend Victor has a woman over pursuing him. She is constantly calling, texting, and tries to make plans. He says she is attractive but seems to aggressive for his taste.

Lower your standards

7:12 am Jun. 19, 2014

I was listening to some radio show last week and they talked about what some people should do in order to get married. Women who had hopes to get married were advised to lower

Dating: Misrepresenting

6:55 am Jun. 18, 2014

You know the saying, “Overstating one’s attributes diminishes your credibility” is a common issue in dating. It is rampant in online dating but there are many people who misrepresent who they are in person as well. I expect people to put their best foot forward. This is normal. It is when you presented a completely false image that is problematic! What is the point of pretending to be someone

Friends and family don’t like your date

6:55 am Jun. 17, 2014

You know the saying “Love is blind” probably originated when someone was too mesmerized to notice red flags. When friends and family all see the problem with our partners, why can’t we see it?

Social media temptation

6:20 am Jun. 16, 2014

Is social media making it harder to hold on to a relationship because of all the temptation? One of our blog readers has a girlfriend who has been known to flirt. While she has stopped checking out other guys when he is around, her online flirting has increased a lot. She thinks that it is harmless and says he shouldn’t take comments seriously.

When you are exclusive and you