Cooking is a deal breaker?

This holiday weekend brought some new revelations for one particular couple. Sean asked his new girlfriend to host a dinner for his relatives at her house. He expected her to do all the cooking and showcase her culinary skills to everyone. The problem was that she has been passing off purchased food as her own thus far.

She had to come clean to him about it when he arrived to see catered food set up for his family. Now he is talking as if this is something that would be grounds for a break up. I know men love a woman who can cook but when she can’t, is this really a deal breaker?!

I find it interesting that his girlfriend tried to perpetuate a lie instead of telling him upfront she isn’t that great of a cook. Are women faking domestic skills to land a man?

Do you think having some kind of domestic skills make people more attractive as a potential mate? If you had to choose between someone who is free spirited and adventurous or someone practical and domestic, which would you pick?

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