Keeping them interested

One of our readers would like to know of ways to keep men interested in her. Sometimes single people can have dating ADD and move on fast. I think part of it is the many options people think they have. What do you do when you keep meeting people who come in and out your life too quick to establish a connection?

Attraction and compatibility can be strong but is that always sustainable?
Outside of sex, are there tactics that keep a guy’s attention? Do men lose interest if a woman gets too needy or overbearing?

Guys who was the last woman that sort of intrigued you? What was it about her that was so fascinating? Do you have similar challenges in keeping a woman interested in you?

Ladies do you worry about losing a guy’s interest? Have you found that men are drawn to your confidence or sense of humor? Are they impressed when you are interested in what they like? Who was the last man that intrigued you? Why do you think he kept your interest so long?

Happy Friday!

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