Is sexy time better delayed?

When you meet someone you are very, very, very attracted to, it becomes challenging not to rip their clothes off when you see them.  It is a good sign if you have the urge to do so, but can it be better if it is delayed?  Some people think that the longer they wait to become intimate, the stronger the attraction gets to build.

Sexual tension is a very tricky thing, though! I know friends who waited and felt a huge disappointment.  It’s  almost as if the fantasy of being with the person overshadowed the reality of being with them.

This is the reason a lot of my guy friends say they don’t like to go too long without testing out the sexual chemistry with a woman.  They don’t want to end up “stuck” with someone who developed feelings towards them. It makes it hard to move on when they find out the sexual chemistry is just not there. They aren’t invested enough to stick it out and make it better. Of course, this is when they get the “player” reputation.

Would you agree or disagree that waiting to become intimate is a good idea?

Would you say that waiting/not waiting in your last dating relationship was the right decision?

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