Tips for internet dating

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Every time I consider internet dating, I get a flashback to the awful experiences I had years ago. I wonder if people have figured out ways to date online or use a new dating app that isn’t so daunting and terrifying.


People have been buzzing about the Tinder app, which seems like a speed dating set up right in your smartphone.  I also heard a couple of ladies at the gym raving about and Christian Mingle.

What are some tips to stay safe, minimize drama, and meet more people through online dating? Do you have a preferred website or app that proved to have some good potential matches?

Finally, how do you know if someone is truly single?  It seems that some married folks use online dating to get attention that they don’t get at home.  How do you avoid being used by someone who isn’t even available?

Do you trust your instinct to spot the BS artists and the liars? Is dating online a good idea if you have a difficult time trusting people in general?


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