Why do exes come back?

Photo credit: © 2014 MORGUEFILE

Photo credit: © 2014 MORGUEFILE

I have a persistent ex-boyfriend who seems to resurface every few months.  It doesn’t take long for me to remember why we are not together.  I wonder why he can’t figure out that we are not meant for one another.  Why do you think our exes seem to always  come back?

Do you have someone from your past that you are still drawn to?  What is it about them that you can’t seem to let go?

I have friends who reunited with their exes and they both say it was better after time apart.  The break up actually brought them closer together.  Could our “The One” actually turn out to be someone from our past?

Is it a good idea to go back to a past relationship and explore the idea of getting back together?

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