Two years and no marriage talk?

To some, the idea of marriage and long term commitment is the primary reason they are dating. It’s not the free food or the possibility of sex; it is the chance at finding someone with whom you can build a future! What do you do if there is no “future” discussions at all, though?

One of our readers has been dating someone for nearly two years. They both have stopped seeing other people. They practically live together on weekends. She even met his close friends and some family. So why does she feel as if they are still in their first six months of dating? No talk about the future at all. Either he doesn’t see her in it or he is simply not ready to figure out their lives together. Should she say something now or let him be the one to talk about a future?

Her concern is mainly coming off as a desperate woman dying to get married. She just wants to know they are investing all this time in the relationship for the same reason: marriage.

Do you believe that the marriage topic should come up after two years of dating? If you bring it up, does it put pressure on the relationship?

By Wise Diva

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