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Is your date a little too friendly?

5:00 am May. 30, 2014

Whenever you bring your friends or family around the person you are dating, there is a possibility that things can go awry. Someone could tell an embarrassing story about you. That annoying nickname from childhood

Why are taken people so tempting?

5:00 am May. 29, 2014

Why is it that when you are single and ready to mingle you sometimes hit a dry spell where no one seems interested in you. The minute you find someone and become involved, you get approached all the time! It’s funny how men tell me that they get more attention from women when they wear their wedding ring.

I remember meeting one guy who said he only dated married

Does mystery mean shady?

5:00 am May. 28, 2014

My friend once told me if I ever wondered if my man had something to hide, reach for his cellphone and watch his reaction. I actually never tried this little test but

Cooking is a deal breaker?

6:50 am May. 27, 2014

This holiday weekend brought some new revelations for one particular couple. Sean asked his new girlfriend to host a dinner for his relatives at her house. He expected her to do all the cooking and showcase her culinary skills to everyone. The problem was that she has been passing off purchased food as her own thus far.

She had to come clean to him about it when

Keeping them interested

5:00 am May. 23, 2014

One of our readers would like to know of ways to keep men interested in her. Sometimes single people can have dating ADD and move on fast. I think part of it is the many options people think they have. What do you do when you keep meeting people who come in and out your life too quick to establish a connection?

Attraction and compatibility can be strong

Dating: What if they gain weight?

5:00 am May. 22, 2014

What would you do if the person you were seeing suddenly put on a lot of weight?  You are basically faced with the options:  being a jerk and dumping them, being a jerk and talking

Is sexy time better delayed?

5:00 am May. 21, 2014

When you meet someone you are very, very, very attracted to, it becomes challenging not to rip their clothes off when you see them.  It is a good sign if you have the urge to do so, but can it be better if it is delayed?  Some people think that the longer they wait to become intimate, the stronger the attraction gets to build.

Sexual tension is a very tricky thing,

Your love or your best friend

6:00 am May. 20, 2014

In a perfect world, being in love with someone will mean they are your best friend.  In reality, when someone is your lover that brings a lot of expectations. If you add being your best friend, that could actually strain the relationship even more.  Your partner can’t be your everything and you can’t be everything to your partner.

I have seen the weight of a demanding relationship crush the vitality of

‘The Great Love Debate’ comes to Atlanta

3:48 pm May. 19, 2014

Does the Atlanta scene leave you frustrated and loaded with questions about how single men and women relate to each other? “The Great Love Debate,” a national tour of relationship experts, stops in Atlanta to

Expectations vs. Reality

6:00 am May. 19, 2014

The first year of a new relationship brings a lot of  much needed reality checks.  The perceptions we hold when we first meet someone become a little more defined.  We start to see the reality