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Should you reunite with your ex?

6:35 am Dec. 19, 2014

So this time of year can turn some of us into big softies. It is also prime season for exes to start popping up again. Conditions are perfect for this when your defenses

Betrayal: Do you want to know?

8:32 am Dec. 18, 2014

If you were in a relationship or marriage and your partner cheated on you, would you want to know? I ask because a friend is upset with her sister because she blew the whistle on her cheating man. She doesn’t think that it was right for her to reveal what she saw.

I think some people prefer to find out on their own or not all.

Don’t dump me now, It’s Christmas

5:00 am Dec. 17, 2014

If you didn’t dump your girlfriend or boyfriend in October, then you may be stuck until March. You missed a chance at Thanksgiving and now December is supposed to be a happy time. So you can’t be the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, so that means no dumping anyone in December.

I joke here but I do know a lot of women who figured out their guy picked a fight or

Dating: The gift dilemma

6:00 am Dec. 15, 2014

It’s is that time of the year when you have to start shopping for your sweetie, if you have one. If you two are new, you may not know exactly what to buy – if anything. The awkward moment of over or under buying a gift is something we all would like to avoid!

So what is the protocol for doing a gift exchange when you are dating?

Didn’t mean to lead you on

5:13 am Dec. 15, 2014

Have you ever inadvertently given someone the message you were interested in them? Perhaps you were being friendly or slightly flirty. Maybe you were just being nice and they considered it as an open invitation. What do you do when someone thinks you are into them but you are really not interested?

When this happened to a friend of mine, she had a hard time letting the

Should we wait for the spark?

8:13 am Dec. 11, 2014

When you meet someone and you have that instant attraction to someone, that won’t always translate into chemistry. Sometimes what you feel when you meet someone changes when they show their personality. You either become more attracted or start to get turned off by something they do or say. What do you when you like someone enough but there is no big spark?

My friend Nelson said he

Dating age: How low will you go?

8:09 am Dec. 10, 2014

I ran into a handsome guy recently and he immediately launched into his dating credentials: I have a great job, I own my own house, yada yada. It was strangely adorable and I admit he made me laugh. Then he told me his age and I laughed even harder! He wasn’t even 30.

I don’t want to be a cougar though I have dated younger men in

Is it time to meet the family?

7:39 am Dec. 9, 2014

If you are in a new relationship, the holidays can provide the perfect opportunity for family introductions. It can also become apparent that things are not serious as you had hoped.

My friend Kelly is a little disappointed that her guy won’t be introducing her to his kid. His daughter lives in another city and he wants their time together to be just the two of them.

Should you befriend married people?

5:00 am Dec. 8, 2014

The is some debate among my friends about if and how you should befriend married people. I think you should befriend the couple, others think it is ok to become close friends with one. It seems like a slippery slope not worth the pitfalls that are sure to come.

Do you ever meet someone who is married and wants to be your friend? Do you proceed with

Can you separate sex and emotion?

8:01 am Dec. 4, 2014

The main reason some of my guy friends don’t have casual sex is because they worry about the fallout. Some women claim they can hook up with no emotional attachment but the exact opposite ends up happening. Either the woman was lying to the guy or herself. It’s not impossible to separate sex from emotional attachment, why are some people good at it while others are not?