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When dates go bad, who’s to blame?

  • 6:49 am Thursday, July 24th, 2014 by Wise Diva

I recently had a young lady complain to me about a string of awful dates she had had to endure. When I asked her a few follow up questions, it became apparent that she was part of the reason why her dates were so dreadful. She was the type of woman who sits back and waits to be entertained and dazzled. That would work fine if the date was an audition for a show, but in a date setting? That’s bizarre!

Why would you not contribute to the conversation and be engaging on a date? You should [More]

You can tell you’re in love when…

  • 5:59 am Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 by Wise Diva

The other day I heard a couple being teased because they had fallen so hard for one another. It was kind of sweet because the man was getting called out for doing things he had never done for any woman. Things like walk her little puppy despite his disdain for little dogs. They said it must be love!

When you are in love you act differently and do things you never thought you would do. I will know I’m in love if I find myself happily making home cooked meals. Sometimes the happiness that you [More]

Breaking up will cost you

  • 5:58 am Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 by Wise Diva

Being in a relationship can be more expensive then being single. Breaking up a relationship can also cost you, especially if they sue you for dating alimony! That’s right. It’s a thing. Dating. Alimony.

They were talking about it on Q100′s The Bert Show recently. A woman dated someone wealthy. He promised her a fabulous lifestyle and she rearranged her life for him. When things when south, there is an expectation to hold up the agreement. Email, texts, and other documents that a lawyer can provide as proof some kind of compensation should be made [More]

Are they marriage material?

  • 5:00 am Monday, July 21st, 2014 by Wise Diva

I have heard some men state that part of dating is determining if a woman is marriage material. The men who want a wife seem to know if the women they meet exhibit qualities a wife should have. Generally speaking, I think women also view romantic prospects through a husband-father prism.

So how would you determine if someone is marriage material? I’ve heard one man say her alcohol intake, amount of partying, and cooking skills lets him know a lot. Women probably don’t even realize the level of scrutiny they are under during dating! [More]

Falling for your booty caller

  • 7:23 am Friday, July 18th, 2014 by Wise Diva

In the book of dating commandments, thou shall not fall for your booty call/caller has to be the one broken the most. You know, it is very easy to start out a friends with benefits situation then convince ourselves it’s something more. A booty call is not a relationship that is complicated, we just pivot to this idea because emotions get involved.

What do you do when you start to “feel” something besides lust for the booty call? Ignoring it and wishing it will go away? Yeah this does not work. Eventually you have to deal with [More]

Are you just the placeholder?

  • 6:13 am Thursday, July 17th, 2014 by Wise Diva

Call me old school, but I am used to knowing whether or not the man I spend time with has good intentions. It’s not enough to talk a good game and kick me slick lines, men let me know what’s up with their consistent actions. This is why I don’t get why some women don’t clearly know where they stand. Sometimes it’s about you being the chick he has in a playpen until the real deal comes along.

My guy friends often get mixed messages from women too. They believe the women they pursue are [More]

Dating requirements: Honesty and loyalty

  • 7:14 am Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 by Wise Diva

The On The Run tour ran through the Georgia Dome last night and it was quite a show! Beyoncé and Jay-Z seamlessly merged their performances with a set list that kept the energy going. Of course, the parts I loved the most were whenever they were onstage together.

There was one part of the show when Beyoncé sings about being with him for 12 years. Her song Resentment made me think about loyalty and honesty – two things men usually say are important to them. Even that awful song “Loyal” claims that “these girls ain’t loyal” to [More]

Good guys and crazy women

  • 5:40 am Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 by Wise Diva

I have witnessed several of my guy friends being drawn into misadventures with unstable women. Even when all signs point to danger, they somehow get caught up in the relationship. Why do so many good guys and crazy women end up together?

The physical attraction part is understandable and I get that part. I am just baffled when the crazy behavior from a woman somehow gets overlooked. Men will go back to women after she has destroyed property, threatened them, or even put their careers at risk. Do men mistake psycho behavior for passion?

Even when they manage [More]

Work place romance too risky?

  • 7:09 am Monday, July 14th, 2014 by Wise Diva

Despite what movies and sitcoms tell us, dating someone at work is not always fun or funny. It can be a tricky situation to navigate. Some companies even have very strict policies that prohibit workplace romances. The idea of dating at work sounds sexy, but is it worth it?

The potential for things to go really bad is always looming and you don’t know if things will end civilly. Should you be worried about being stuck at work with your ex always around? Of course, things may end well and you could get a great partner [More]

Prescreening your dates?

  • 6:35 am Friday, July 11th, 2014 by Wise Diva

I always wonder if the dating misadventures of men mirror our own. The guys seem to manage the dating scene with a lot more ease then women. At least that is how it seems at times. When I asked a friend Zack why he seems to navigate dating so well, he told me he learned the art of prescreening dates!

Zack admits that there was a time when he went out on a first date with whomever he felt a strong attraction. That led to boring dates with vapid women with no personality. He began to put more [More]

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