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Advice from your ex?

6:25 am Jun. 3, 2015

I saw one of those Steve Harvey talk show episodes the other day.  He surprised a single woman and invited 5 of her ex-boyfriends to the show.  They were all there to offer feedback and advice after their experience dating her.  This is like my idea of hell.  I try to pretend at least two of my exes don’t exist, I would be mortified at seeing them and hearing them

Dating: The worst red flags

5:42 am Jun. 1, 2015

Whenever I see someone trapped in a bad relationship, I wonder how they could have overlooked early signs of foolishness.  The truly awful people aren’t able to hide their crazy for too long.  A lot of times, they reveal certain things that let you know what type of character they have.  Why don’t we pay more attention, though?

We explain away the previous relationship drama they had.  We ignore the bad

Is going Dutch a problem?

6:55 am May. 28, 2015

Some people believe that going Dutch on a date is never a good idea.  If one of you asked the other out, should one person always pay for the date?  My friend Blair was met up with a guy for a Brunch date.  She was offended when her date asked for her part of the bill.  She automatically thought that he didn’t like her since he wasn’t paying for her

Dating: Should you cancel the date?

7:41 am May. 26, 2015

What would you do if you found out something disturbing about someone days before your first date?  Should you cancel and make up some lie to get out of it?  Would you be honest and tell them you received word that they were crazy from a “reliable source”?

One thing I admire about some single men is the fact that they screen their dates better.  While some women are fine to

Online dating: Are they even single?

7:58 am May. 18, 2015

The amount of patience one must have to meet and date online is at an all time high.  Having a sense of humor helps too.  You spend a lot of time weeding through the people who you know will be incompatible for one reason or another.  Then when you actually select a viable option, you probably wonder why someone so great is even single. Many times – they aren’t! Not

Does your date have Imposter Syndrome?

7:22 am May. 6, 2015

Have you ever met someone who presented themselves one way but later proved to be someone completely different?  Imposter syndrome is common and that is what my friend Max just experienced.  His first couple of dates with Lisa was pleasant and fun.  He even thought she had a sense of humor.  Fast forward a few months and lighthearted Lisa rarely even cracks a joke and seems to have an anger

Dating: But we just broke up!

7:43 am May. 4, 2015

This weekend Jenna discovered her last boyfriend is engaged to be married. They just broke up in January.  Obviously it’s a shock to her since he claimed she was rushing the relationship after 1 year.  Since he proposed to his new woman so fast, she feels betrayed.  She also wonders if he was seeing this woman before they officially broke up.

When a relationship ends, do you think a cooling off

How do you break up with a co-worker?

6:24 am Apr. 29, 2015

A reader, Greg, would like advice on a dating dilemma.  He began dating a co-worker a few months ago but  she isn’t a good match for him.  He believes that she feels the same way about him, so the break up should not be surprising.  He wants to know how do you break up with someone you are dating if you work together?

To further complicate things, Greg wants to ask

Monogamy easier for women?

7:38 am Apr. 24, 2015

I have talked to people who believe that men aren’t “designed” to be faithful.  They point to biology and the desire to spread seeds or something.  What baffles me is when they say women manage mongamgy so much easier.  I am not clear on what evidence they have for this.  Why do some believe that women can be faithful with such ease?

People cheat for different reasons and I think women

Dating: How forgiving are you?

7:02 am Apr. 22, 2015

You definitely need a lot of patience date in Atlanta.  You will meet a lot of knuckleheads and con artists who misrepresent themselves.  You can also meet really sweet people who may make mistakes or use bad judgment.  These are the ones that should be forgiven or given second chances.  How do you know when to forgive and when to forget them?

One of our readers had a guy disappear for